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There are three types of Moulding Machine available at Multitek Lab - 

  1. Single Chamber Moulding Machine

  2. Double Chamber Moulding Machine

  3. Triple Chamber Moulding Machine

Moulding /Mounting Machine Manufacturer and Suppliers in India By Multitek Technologies - 

A molding machine, also known as a molding press, is a machine used in manufacturing to produce molded products from raw materials. The machine typically consists of a hopper or reservoir to hold the raw material, a heated barrel or chamber where the material is melted or softened, and a mold or die into which the molten material is injected, compressed, or otherwise shaped to form the desired product.

There are many different types of molding machines, each designed for specific applications and materials. Some common types include injection molding machines, which use high pressure to inject molten plastic into a mold; blow molding machines, which use air pressure to inflate molten plastic into a hollow shape; and compression molding machines, which use pressure to compress and shape materials such as rubber or fiberglass.

Molding machines are used in a wide range of industries, from automotive and aerospace manufacturing to consumer goods and medical devices. They are essential for producing complex shapes and intricate parts with high precision and consistency, and are often used in high-volume production environments where speed and efficiency are critical.















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Moulding MaCHINE
Moulding Machine or Mounting
Moulding or Mounting Machine
New Moulding Machines - We are working on New and Modern Technology
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