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Automatic Dial Calibration Tester

Multitek Technologies have a wide range of Dial Calibration Testers and we also have a customized setups for Dial Calibration Testers. we are manufacturer and supplier, our aim is your imagination to convert in realization.  


As you see in images this our fully automatic Dial Calibration Tester. We can easily calibrate our various ranges of dial gauges gauge on this system very precisely with help of the 10” Touchscreen on the setup.


We can also save results and take reports of tested gauges through touch screen.


We also provide a manual movement wheel for manual measurements on this setup.

Feel free to visit us about our other products and our updated Rockwell hardness testing machine.

dial calibration system

Next-Level Calibration: Introducing Our Dial Calibration Tester


At Multitek Technologies, our Dial Calibration Tester stands as a pinnacle of precision and accuracy in calibration equipment. Designed to meet the exacting demands of diverse industries, this tester ensures the reliable calibration of various dial instruments with unparalleled efficiency.


Key Features:

Versatile Compatibility: The Dial Calibration Tester accommodates a wide array of dial instruments, including pressure gauges, torque wrenches, force gauges, and more, ensuring comprehensive calibration support.


Precision Calibration: Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this tester provides precise and accurate calibration readings, guaranteeing optimal instrument performance.


User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls, our tester simplifies the calibration process, enabling swift and efficient adjustments.


Portability and Durability: Built for durability and convenience, the compact design ensures portability without compromising on robustness, making it suitable for both laboratory and field calibration needs.


Compliance and Reliability: Compliant with industry standards, our Dial Calibration Tester undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability, consistency, and adherence to calibration standards.




Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your calibration processes, reducing downtime and optimizing instrument performance.


Accurate Readings: Obtain precise calibration measurements, maintaining instrument accuracy and reliability.


Versatile Application: From manufacturing plants to laboratories, the Dial Calibration Tester adapts to various environments and calibration requirements.




Industrial Settings: Ideal for factories, workshops, and production facilities requiring precise instrument calibration for quality assurance.


Laboratories: Essential equipment for research facilities and testing laboratories ensuring accurate instrument readings.


Field Calibration: Portable design facilitates on-site calibration, perfect for industries where instruments are used in diverse locations.

Trust Multitek Technologies for unmatched precision and reliability in calibration equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our Dial Calibration Tester and elevate your calibration processes to the next level. Know more about our Universal Hardness Tester Machine

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