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Focused Precision: Stereo Zoom Microscopes in Detail Analysis

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Stereo Zoom Microscope

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High Quality Optical System Fully coated Optical System


Turret objective 1x/3x, 2x/4x, 1x/2x, 1x/4x for choice, zoom objectives 0.7x - 4.5x. 


Overlong effective working distance Standard working distance is 100mm. With optional auxiliary objectives, the working distance is increased to 30mm - 165mm Structure design of ergonomics Viewing head 45º inclined , 360º rotable. each tube allows interpupillary distance and diopter adjustments to suit the user and ergonomic design. Head wheel two-side horizontal (Axial) set, high repeatability precision of magnification-change and comfort. LCD monitor serves fast test and rapid detection A complete clear image without eyepieces, automatic / manual white balance

Stereo Zoom Microscopes: Precision in Visionary Excellence

Enhancing Discovery: Harnessing the Power of Stereo Zoom Microscopes


Microscopic examination of the bolts where done using longitudinal and latitudinal mounts for each. The sections taken from the fractured bolt were taken close to the fracture surface. Examination before etching of the two bolts showed no cracking or unusually large inclusions.

















Study the fracture surface under Stereo-microscope at 60X Magnification. The original broken bolt did show some flaking at the base of the threads but this is expected for a bolt that has been in service. Etching the sections revealed a microstructure of coarse pearlite in a matrix of ferrite.


The SAE grade 5 standard requires that the bolt be quenched and tempered to  conform and therefore should have a tempered martensite structure. Martensite has higher material properties such as yield  strength and hardness, which increases its resistance to fatigue initiation. The ferrite matrix of the original bolt has low yield strength, which in turn reduces its resistance to fatigue initiation.


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