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Load cell based Fully Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester with Touch Screen Controls Model: RMT-AL

Robust repeatability in all environmental Conditions
-Auto Calibration using inbuilt Macros

About Rockwell Hardness Tester - RMT-AL

Cutting-Edge CNC Rockwell Hardness Testing System, offering a seamless and fully automated Rockwell hardness testing procedure.


The RMT-AL Series integrates the capabilities from multiple preceding models:

Embracing Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing along with measurement testing, this new series consolidates various test types into a singular machine, broadening the spectrum of achievable measurements.

At its core lies a high-resolution scale load cell, exclusively engineered by Multitek, enabling precise control over test loads and featuring an innovative design that blends aesthetics with practicality.

Integrating a new design ethos that marries functionality with elegance, this iteration boasts a workpiece-mounting table and vertically mobile head. Every aspect of its structure is thoughtfully redesigned, prioritizing user experience and infusing functional beauty throughout.

Rockwell Hardness Tester RMT-AL.jpeg

Software with Automatic Report Generation

  • Machine Operation through PC

  • Customized report format with Honda Logo

  • All part data like Date, Time, Part Number, Operator Name can be stored in Machine

  • Operator Photo can be printed on Report

  • Automatic Calibration & Compensation using Master Block


Relevant testing methodologies and compliance standards:

  • Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial (EN ISO 6508, ASTM E-18, JIS B7726)

  • Brinell, Indentation only (EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-10, JIS B7724)


Rockwell Specifications :



Rockwell Superficial:

  • HR15N, HR15TW, HR15WW, HR15XW, HR15YW, HR30N, HR30TW, HR30WW, HR30XW, HR30YW, HR45N, HR45TW, HR45WW, HR45XW, HR45YW


Brinell Specifications:

  • HBW 1/10; HBW 2.5/6.25; HBW 5/25; HBW 10/100; HBW 1/30; HBW 2.5/15.625; HBW 5/62.5; HBW 2.5/31.25; HBW

5/125; HBW 2.5/62.5; HBW 2.5/187.5

Brinell Depth Measurement:

  • HBD 2.5/62.5; HBD 2.5/187.5;


  • 5-inch touchscreen display

  • Software-enabled test force switching

  • Real-time test force control

  • Complete automation of test cycle

  • Motorized test force generation

  • Motorized Z-Axis adjustment

  • Illuminated workroom with LED lighting

  • Interfaces: RS-232C Digimatic, USB 2.0

  • Optional USB stick for data transfer

  • Minimum inside radius of workpiece: 25mm

  • Standard test surface: 200 x 200mm

  • Anvil adaptation options: Ø 10mm / Ø 19mm (optional)

  • Maximum specimen height: 250mm (reduced by added accessories and X-axis)

  • Optional X-axis addition

  • Z-axis height: Max. specimen height - 250mm

  • Z-axis height with X-axis: Max. specimen height - 165mm

  • Y-axis range: 160mm

  • Throat depth: 220mm

  • Maximum specimen weight: 100kg

  • Maximum specimen weight with X-axis: 50kg

  • Maximum Y-axis speed: 48mm

  • Maximum Z-axis speed: 10mm/sec

Rockwell Hardness Tester RMT-AL.jpeg


  • Power supply, 220V

  • Operation temperature: 5-50 °C

  • Humidity: 40-60%

Main unit dimensions:
Rockwell Hardness Tester RMT-ALi Updated.jpeg
Rockwell Hardness Tester - RMT-AL.jpeg
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