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We have a wide range of Profile Projectors from 100mm to 600mm which are highly customizable with our automation systems. As listed below.

We have a wide range of Profile Projectors from 100mm to 600mm which are highly customizable with our automation systems.
As listed below.

  • Motorized Stage

  • 2D Profile Measuring software with customized reporting setup

  • Auto Edge detection sensor.

  • Fine focus with motorized focusing setup

  • Joystick for stage and focus control.

  • Touch Screen Control Panel with customized sample checking feature.

  • Ergonomic Control Panel for Light and various stage control keys.

Accessories or Parts of Profile Projector :
  • Rotator Table

  • Glass Screen

  • Profile Chart

  • Vertical Holding Device

  • Center Holding Device


Profile Projector (Optical Comparator) Principle

Multitek Technologies' Profile Projector redefines precision measurement with its advanced optics and innovative features. Equipped with high-quality lenses and powerful illumination sources, it delivers crisp and clear images of intricate profiles and contours. Whether you're inspecting small components or intricate parts, this projector offers unmatched accuracy and reliability.


Key Features of Profile Projector or Optical Measuring Instruments:

High-Resolution Imaging: The Profile Projector captures detailed images with exceptional clarity, allowing for precise measurement and analysis.


Versatile Measurement Capabilities: From simple length and angle measurements to complex geometric tolerancing, this projector handles a wide range of measurement tasks with ease.


Intuitive Software Interface: User-friendly software interface enables efficient operation and seamless integration with existing workflows.

Customizable Options: Tailor the projector to your specific requirements with customizable options such as magnification lenses, illumination sources, and stage configurations.


Durable Construction: Built to withstand demanding industrial environments, the Profile Projector features a rugged construction for long-term reliability.


Applications of Profile Projector or Optical Measuring Instruments:


The versatility of Multitek Technologies' Profile Projector makes it ideal for various industries and applications, including:

  • Precision machining

  • Automotive manufacturing

  • Aerospace engineering

  • Electronics assembly

  • Medical device production

  • Quality control and inspection




Enhance Quality Assurance: Ensure compliance with stringent quality standards and specifications.


Improve Efficiency: Streamline measurement and inspection processes for increased productivity.


Reduce Costs: Identify defects early in the production cycle, minimizing scrap and rework.


Boost Customer Satisfaction: Deliver superior products with consistently high quality and precision.

Profile Projector Calibration Services from NABL Certified Lab - Multitek Lab


We have NABL certified lab and also provides calibration services of profile projector machine in Delhi NCR area as well as all over India. Feel free to contact us for profile projector machine calibration services at +91-7836009888 or  direct email us at service@multitek.in

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