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Perfect solution for torque wrench calibration with multicolour touch panel shows judgment and automatic report


  • Uniform loading device enhances the repeatability and accuacy.

  • Models available to cover a torque range of 2 o 1000N.m

  • Units are selectable, cN.m/N.m/Kgf.cm/Kgf.m/lbf.in/lbf.ft

  • Measurement data can be output by USB.



Horizontally fixed uniform loading device ensures consistent and highly accurate, repeatable results

Newly designed handle is easy to operate even at maximum torqueColoured touch display allows the operator to view direct read style torque wrenches easily especially for larger size model

Automatic Report Generation for both clockwise &Anticlockwise.Direct Report Print to printer without PC.

Digital Torque Wrench Tester - MWT-200

SKU: MLT100676
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