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Motorized Brinell Hardness Testing Machine,with touch screen BHN3000-TC

  • Suitable for 1/30 and 1/5 Brinell Tests.

  • Motorized for automatic operation cycle: i.e. Load/Dwell/Unload by a

  • single click on startButton.

  • All Weights are E2 Class made up ofStainless Steel.

  • Total Test Scales: (1/5, 1/30) (Ball dia. In mm/load in kgf).

  • Test Force Selection by external dialing.

  • Digital Filar with Touch Screen for test results.

  • Touchscreen with inbuilt report system andUSB port.

Brinell Hardness Tester | BHN 3000-O

SKU: MLT100684
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