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Automatic/Particle Analysis Metallurgical Microscope - An automatic metallurgical microscope is a type of microscope designed specifically for examining and analyzing metallic samples. It combines traditional microscopy techniques with advanced automation features to enhance efficiency and accuracy in metallurgical analysis.

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Particle Analysis Expert System

With our wide range of microscopes for various testings purposes of sample like Metallurgy, Weld Analysys, Particle Analysing , Biological examinations we see and analyse the structures very clearly and accurately because of its Japanies optics and our easy to use Image Analysing softwares.

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Automatic Metallurgical Microscope 

Particle analysis using an automatic metallurgical microscope refers to the process of automatically examining and analyzing particles within metallic samples using advanced automation features and software algorithms. This approach combines the capabilities of both particle analysis and automatic metallurgical microscopy to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in particle characterization. Here's an overview of how particle analysis is performed using an automatic metallurgical microscope:

Sample Preparation: Similar to the manual process, the metallic sample is prepared by cutting, polishing, and potentially etching to reveal the particles of interest.


Microscope Setup: The sample is placed on the motorized stage of the automatic metallurgical microscope. The microscope is configured with the appropriate lighting, contrast techniques, and magnification settings.

Automated Scanning: The automatic microscope is programmed to systematically scan the sample, capturing images of multiple regions of interest or the entire sample surface. The motorized stage moves the sample in a predefined pattern, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


Image Capture: As the sample is scanned, the microscope's digital camera captures high-resolution images of the particles. The images are automatically saved for further analysis.

Particle Detection: Advanced image analysis software algorithms are employed to automatically detect and locate particles within the captured images. These algorithms utilize image processing techniques to identify regions of interest that potentially contain particles.

Particle Characterization: Once particles are detected, the software algorithms analyze their size, shape, morphology, and other relevant parameters. This characterization can include measurements such as particle size distribution, aspect ratio, roundness, and more.

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Data Analysis and Interpretation: The results obtained from the particle characterization are further analyzed and interpreted to draw conclusions about the particles' characteristics. Statistical analysis and comparison with reference data or standards may be performed to assess the quality or determine the origin of the particles.


Report Generation: A report summarizing the particle analysis results is generated automatically. This report includes images, statistical data, and other relevant information. It serves as a documented record of the analysis findings and can be shared with colleagues or clients.


By automating the particle analysis process, an automatic metallurgical microscope significantly reduces human error, saves time, and allows for high-throughput analysis. The integration of specialized software algorithms enables efficient and accurate detection and characterization of particles, providing valuable insights into the composition, distribution, and properties of the particles within the metallic samples.

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