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Testing becomes very easy time saving and accurate with our hardness testers with their various automation options e.g. motorized stage, autoreading Softwares, Joystick, Auto focus, Control Panels,  Touch Screen Panels with customized Programs and customized report formats.

We can provide Testers for Various Loads setups, Scale Configurations and multiple report formats as per Customers requirements. Our Standard Model List is mentioned below. For more information visit to our

vicker hardness tester shop.

Size Comparison of Traditional Dead Weight Based Machine and Load Cell Machine.

Multitek Technologies developed universal hardness testers machine in our workshop, our aim is, your imagination to convert in realization. We are manufacturer and supplier. 

Visit us for Universal Hardness Tester or Micro Vicker Hardness Testing!

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Innovative Automatic Testers

MLT-1            0.01Kg – 1 Kg

MLT-2            0.01 Kg – 2 Kg

VLT-10           0.300 Kg – 10 Kg

VLT-20           1.0 Kg – 20 Kg

VLT-30           2.0 Kg – 30 Kg

VLT-50           2.0 Kg – 50 Kg

VLT-50B         2.0 Kg – 50 Kg

RLT-150         60 Kg – 150 Kg

RLT-150S       60 Kg – 150 Kg

RLT-150B       60 Kg – 150 Kg

What is the Importance of Micro Vickers Hardness Tester?

Micro Vickers hardness testers are widely used in materials testing because they provide a quick and accurate way to determine the hardness of small or thin materials, including those with complex geometries or difficult-to-reach surfaces. Some of the key benefits and importance of using Micro Vickers hardness testers in materials testing include:

High Resolution: Micro Vickers hardness testers can measure hardness with a high degree of accuracy and precision, typically to within 0.5% of the full scale value.

Small Specimen Size: The Vickers method is well suited to testing small specimens, making it ideal for testing micro- and nanoscale materials.

Versatility: Micro Vickers hardness testers can be used to test a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

Easy to Use: Micro Vickers hardness testers are simple to operate, even for those with limited technical expertise. The instrument typically consists of a microscope for viewing the test specimen and a micro-indenter for making the indentation.

Cost-effective: Compared to other hardness testing methods, Micro Vickers hardness testing is relatively inexpensive, making it a cost-effective option for a wide range of applications.

Flexibility: Micro Vickers hardness testers can be used in a variety of testing environments, including laboratory settings, production lines, and in the field.

Overall, Micro Vickers hardness testers play a crucial role in materials testing and are widely used by researchers, engineers, and technicians to gain insight into the mechanical properties of materials and make informed decisions about product design and development.

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