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Discover Precision: MX-41 Metallurgical Microscope

Metallurgical microscopes are specialized optical microscopes designed for the examination of opaque objects such as metals, ceramics, and other solid materials.


They are widely used in metallurgy, mineralogy, and material science for the analysis of the microstructure of materials.

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Metallurgical Microscope Machine

Metallurgical Microscope MX-41 by Multitek Technologies


Welcome to the cutting-edge world of metallurgical microscopy with the MX-41, proudly presented by Multitek Technologies. Our Metallurgical Microscope MX-41 is a precision instrument designed to meet the demands of modern materials science and metallurgical analysis.


Key Features of Metallurgical Microscope MX-41


Advanced Optics


The MX-41 boasts state-of-the-art optics, providing exceptional clarity and resolution for detailed examination of opaque materials. Whether you're analyzing metals, ceramics, or other solid specimens, our microscope delivers superior imaging. Know more about our Micro Vicker Hardness Tester Machines!

Polarized Light Capability

Unlock the secrets of birefringent materials with the MX-41's polarized light capabilities. This feature allows for in-depth observation and analysis of the intricate structures within your samples.


Episcopic and Diascopic Illumination

Experience versatility in specimen observation with both transmitted (from below) and reflected (from above) light sources. This dual illumination system enables you to examine both transparent and opaque samples with ease.


Camera-Ready Design

Capture and document your findings effortlessly with the MX-41's camera compatibility. The microscope is equipped with a camera port, facilitating seamless integration with digital cameras for high-quality image and video recording.


Precision Controls

Navigate your samples with precision using the MX-41's advanced mechanical stage and micrometer controls. Achieve accurate positioning and explore the microstructure of materials with confidence.


Versatile Magnification

Adapt to various observation needs with a range of magnification options. The MX-41 offers a selection of objectives, including low and high magnification, as well as zoom capabilities for a comprehensive view of your



Filter Options

Enhance your observations by manipulating lighting conditions with interchangeable filters. The MX-41 is designed with filter slots, allowing you to customize your microscopy experience for specific analyses.



The MX-41 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Metallurgical Analysis

  • Material Science Research

  • Quality Control in Manufacturing

  • Hospital

  • Educational Purposes

  • Technical Specifications

For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the official MX-41 user manual or contact Multitek Technologies directly.


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