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Measure particle length, breadth, and height. Especially for pneumatic hydraulic systems, the third dimension is highly important. The motorized microscope features reduce user influence to a minimum.

System Features:

  • High optical performance by using objectives with high numerical aperture for the analysis

  • ISO conformed detection of particles down to 5 μm

  • Height evaluation of particles estimates overall risk potential

  • Reproducible illumination, contrast, and camera settings for comparable measurements

  • Automatic storage of all relevant system and analysis parameters

  • For each configuration Minimal user interaction is required.

  • Automatic differentiation between reflective (metallic) and non-reflective(plastic) particles

  • Due to the intelligent store and recall functions, it can also be used for other Microscopic applications such as metallography

  • Sustainable system with high magnification and low calibration values for future requirements of minimum particle size

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