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                                METALYZER IMAGE ANALYSIS SYSTEM

MetaLyser, is an advanced Metallurgical Software compiled to suit a wide range of metallurgical applications with utmost accuracy in Metallurgical Analysis & Investigations. MetaLyser is user friendly & very convenient to other equivalent metallurgical software. (complete as per Photo-quotation enclosed) & is compatible with high resolution Digital Camera for Metallurgical Microscope.


BASIC FUNCTIONS: Important Basic Functions include: - (A) Image Editing & View (B) Morphometry Measurement (C) Image Processing (D) Routine Filters (E) Special Filters (F) Edge Detection. Detailed description of the above functions is provided in the manual.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: MetaLyser is suitable for a wide range of Image Analysis functions and the prominent functions are described hereunder: -
1. Calibration: a) Special calibration, with Japanese test slide JIS ( 0.01mm) b) Area by enclosed line controlled
by four arrow keys available on keyboard arrows with zoomed Preview.
2. Count & Classification: Identification of objects in an image, count them, obtain several features
measurements. Objects identification by user or automatically. User defined classification on basis of size and
3. Threshhold Practical Measurement: Manual, Auto Bright And Auto Dark Methods to identify Intensity range
defined object to be measured. Various calculations & measurements available for selected particle are:
Dimensions, Area, Parameter feret, Length, thread length, thread & fiber width.
4. Morphometery Measurements: Line measurements for Distance, length, Width Perimeter, Angle, Three point radius. Roundness, Shape, Orientation, Elongination, Equal Circular Diameter, Equal Sphere volume.
5. Locational Analysis: Centroid X, Centroid Y, Major X1, Major Y1, Minor X1, Minor Y1, Major X2,Major Y2,Minor X2, Minor Y2, Box X2, Box Y2 & Box Area.
6. Phase Analysis: Measure area fraction & volume fractions. Identify multiple phases within Micro structure.The analysis conform to ASTM standard E562 & E1245.SS
7. Nodularity:Measure Nodularity as per ASTM 247 standard. The Nodules & Flakes are separated on the basis of its shape and aspect ratio. The detail measurement of each micro structure is available for further analysis. The processed image displays non-Nodules in different color. The Nodules can be classify by its range on the basis of its size & shape.
8. Porosity: They are recognized as per ASTM B-276 standard. The measurement of each pore is displayed. The image displays pores in Red Color.
9. Coating Thickness: This application rapidly measures the thickness or width of a coating at multiple positions along a sample as per ASTM B487 Standards. Tabulated results available for min/max and mean of width Measured at various points of sample cross section.
10. Decarburisation: Measured depth / width of decarburisation as per ASTM 1077 standards.
11. Grain Size: The module analysis Grain image and measure the Grain No & Grain size using ASTME 112 method. The option for measurement available are: -1.Manual Trace 2. Popular comparison Method
3. Quick single Grain measurement 4. ALA method 5. Interception method. Various filters to make user defined templates. Grain boundary repair mathematical function.
12. Non-Metallic Inclusion: Measure inclusions and report ASTM E-45, E-1245 numbers, cumulative length width ratio.

13. Graphic Flakes: Graphite Flakes length, Width distribution and Percentage as per ASTMA-247-67
14. Report: a) Direct printout with original image, processed image & Tabular results.
b) Export to MS EXCEL for further modifications.

"MetaLyser", Advanced Metallurgical Software is supplied with a protector & detailed working manual for reference in use by the operator.

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