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Multitek Technologies developed brinell hardness tester machine in our workshop, our aim is, your imagination to convert in realization. We are Manufacture and Supplier worldwide. We have two types of Brinell Hardness testeers given below.


Motorized Brinell Hardness Testing Machine with touch screen
  • Suitable for 1/30 and 1/5 Brinell Tests.

  • Motorized for automatic operation cycle: i.e. Load/Dwell/Unload by a single click on startButton.

  • All Weights are E2 Class made up ofStainless Steel.

  • Total Test Scales: (1/5, 1/30) (Ball dia. In mm/load in kgf).

  • Test Force Selection by external dialing.

  • Digital Filar with Touch Screen for test results.

  • Touchscreen with inbuilt report system andUSB port.

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Brinell Hardness Tester.jpg
The advantages of using a Brinell hardness tester include:

1.      Large range of materials: Brinell hardness testing can be used to test a wide range of materials, including metals, ceramics, and plastics.

2.      High accuracy: The Brinell hardness test provides accurate and repeatable results, making it a reliable way to measure the hardness of materials.

3.      Non-destructive testing: The Brinell hardness test creates a permanent indentation on the surface of the material being tested, but the material can still be used after the testing is complete.

4.      Easy to use: Brinell hardness testers are relatively easy to use, and the test can be performed quickly, making it a popular choice in manufacturing and quality control.

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