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Automatic CNC Cutting Machine Features


1) Industrial Shop Floor Automatic Abrasive Cutting Machine Servocut-15A, 

     Features / Catalogues Attached with PLC and Drives

  • 15 HP Triple Belt Drive, 

  • Internal Chamber 1500x1000X1000 mm

  • Three Axis Movements.

  • Keypad and Touch screen based operation, customized for your components. Cutting Wheel Oscillations movements in addition to Conventional cutting using High RPM cold abrasion. 

  • Multi Jet high pressure cooling system using programmed 2 HP pump.

  • Multijet High Pressure machine wash system for 1 touch cleaning of entire Cutting Chamber

  • Magnetic Chip Separator

  • Double Limit switches provision mechanically and extra inputs in PLC

All three working modes simultaneously available: 
   1. Fully Manual mode using Hand Levers
   2. Semi-Automatic using Hand held Keypad Control
   3. Fully Programmed mode for totally hands free operation and

       preset parameters. 

2) Motorized X Movement for Cross Feed using Mitsubishi / Delta VFD and

    Gear Box. 

3) Double Layer tray filtration System with double sieves

    - will accommodate and tear off existing filter paper 

4) Programmable and Variable RPM for cutting Wheel from HMI using     

    Mitsubishi / Delta  VFD.

5) Automatic Servo System for Z axis for programmed depth of cuts. 

6) Rotary Table dia 1000mm, Weight Capacity – 1000 Kgs

Fully Automatic Cutting Machine.jpg
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