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Manual Cutting Machine - ECOCUT-100

Abrasive cutter is rugged, sturdy and designed to cut Metallurgical Samples to optimal quality consistently and safely. Cutting Wheel spindle is connected with motor shaft by pulley and belt mechanism. The movement of cutting wheel towards the specimen is applied by handle fixed with motor base pivot spindle and the cutter unit is balanced by springs for smooth chop type movement.


Corrosion resistant window. Cooling by three high flow water jets to provide optimum cooling. Large (25mm) drain, re-circulation coolant tank working on 440 volts, AC main supply with coolant tank of sufficient capacity. The chop type cut off wheel machine is suitable for quick and clean cutting of metallography specimen from rods and tubes etc.

Manual Cutting Machine - FEATURES

  • X-Y Movement of stage is made up of M.S, Specially designed.

  • High performance double vice fixed on stage 

  • Coolant circulation System is provided with suitable filtering arrangement.

  • Light attachments system is provided for clean and accurate cutting of samples. 

  • Heavy Duty motor is provided 5 H.P, 3 Phase. 

  • Large Viewing window to monitor the cutting operation.

Manual Cutting Machine.jpg

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  • 5HP Cutting Motor, RPM - 14005

  • Cut off Wheel Dia - 400mm

  • Cooling by 3HP High Speed Jets

  • Coolant Tank Capacity 200 Ltr.

  • 75mm Drain

  • 1kW Coolant Recirculation Pump

  • Cutting Capacity - up to 100x150x200mm and very spacious Chamber for easy Operation and Maintenance

  • Water Proof illumination Standard

  • All three Axis movement standard x, y, and z

  • Standard Coolant Spillage Tray - SS 326 Grade

  • Standard Door Safety Inter Lock System

  • Standard - Auto Wash System with Coolant Jet Assembly

  • Phase Monitoring system is Standard Features

  • Keypad and Touch Screen based operation, customised for your components.

  • Multi Jet high pressure cooling system using programmed 1 HP Pump.

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